Axgar the Executioner (page 5)

26 Oct


Comment if you would like to see more Axgar in the future…
Comics update every Sunday!


Axgar the Executioner (page 4)

19 Oct


Axgar the Executioner (page 3)

12 Oct

Axgar will update next Sunday…

Axgar the Executioner (Page 2)

5 Oct

Comics update every Sunday…

Axgar: The Executioner!

28 Sep

Rather than returning this week with a new installment of Horde of the Unvanquished, we will instead be going with a different short comic. I put art up on the site months ago in reference to this comic and haven’t referenced it since. Over the next handful of weeks we will be running the story of Axgar the Executioner. After that we will go back to Horde. Horde of the Unvanquished work in progress can be found on my Instagram — gj_sieck

AxgarPg1Final copy

More to come next Sunday…

Horde of the Unvanquished (continued)

26 Sep

Get ready for some more sword and sorcery as we return to the story of Bel-Samu, Demon King of Death!


Comics update every Sunday…


The Adventures of Blakbone page 19

21 Sep



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