Horde of the Unvanquished page 4 (Blakbone page 11)

21 Jul


Horde of the Unvanquished page 3 (Blakbone page 10)

9 Jun


More Horde coming soon…

Horde of the Unvanquished pg 2 (Blakbone pg 9)

20 Mar


More Horde and Blakbone coming soon…

Blakbone on Web Comics Nation

7 Mar

Read Blakbone and all the other 1134 Web Comics at Web Comics Nation… They’re Great!

Follow the link –

Horde of the Unvanquished pg 1 (Blakbone pg 8)

1 Mar


Stay tuned for the next update to Horde of the Unvanquished / Blakbone

1134 Comix – in sequence

31 Jan

Good morning everybody! Since its been taking me longer to post new pages to Blakbone you can always go and read all of 1134 web comics in sequence at Web Comics Nation. Read Blakbone, A Day in the Life of Larry and Outer Space Adventure at this link.
I’m trying to move away from posting B&W pencil pages to full color pages. It takes quite a bit longer to go through the inking / coloring process than it does to post penciled pages but, I think the colored pages are a better product and worth the extra time. I’m sure I will still be putting up simple pages in the future though.

30 Jan


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