Sunday Comics: another one from the archives

25 Jan

OSA3 copy

Horde of the Unvanquished: Crucified, will return next Sunday!

The Green Mount Monster (page 3)

23 Jan

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Zombie Storybook

21 Jan

Hi guys. The images below are the first few pages of “Within the Heart of Chaos: A Storybook for the Damned”. If you think this book looks cool, or are otherwise interested, please help support 1134 Comix by purchasing a print or digital copy from the link below.

Thanks everybody,

G.J. Sieck


The next print book from 1134 is currently set to drop this coming April…




1134 Sunday Comics

18 Jan

A month ago to this day one of my closest friends departed from this mortal coil. Transformers was one of his favorites. So, instead of your regular web comic I drew this today–thinking of him.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. This one’s for you, D.J.C.

I might post a colored version of this soon…

G.J. Sieck

The Green Mount Monster (page 2)

16 Jan


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1134 Comix Web Comics

12 Jan

So, the comics on the site have kind of been all over the place as of late. Horde of the Unvanquished has been slow going and seems to have fallen into a more bi-weekly update rather than weekly. Also, a second ongoing story had started the Sunday before last. Both of these stories will continue. Moving forward there will be two web comic posts per week rather than one. Comics will be continuing to post on Sundays as usual but, starting this week updates will begin to drop on Fridays as well.

Each Friday will bring an update to the Green Mount Monster comic. Sunday comics will either feature an update to Horde of the Unvanquished, something from the archives, or a new one-off comic. Blakbone will also be returning to Sundays eventually, haven’t forgotten about him (you can always expect an appearance by him around Halloween at least).

In the somewhat near-ish future, I will be building a better platform to view all of these various web comics. Right now these stories are definitely not the most accessible for one who might want to read a particular character from their beginning. Soon this will change. Updates on the new site and upcoming print comics will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading,

G.J. Sieck

Horde of the Unvanquished: Crucified (page 5)

11 Jan


Comics every Sunday…


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