Sunday Web-Comic: Sky-Pirates Vs. The Overman

10 Apr

Here’s something a little different again this week. This sci-fi / fantasy web-comic is one of the first ones I ever made quite a number of years ago. I actually thought I lost these files. Upon finding them, I though it would be great to post this short comic here as this week’s Sunday comic.

I actually have more stories that take place in this wacky universe I created all those years ago. So, maybe I’ll put more stories like this one up in the future. For now, please enjoy, Sky-Pirates Vs. The Overman!

pg1COMPpg2textclevePg3   clevePg4text clevePg5 clevePg6

Comics by G.J. Sieck

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3 Apr

Instead of your regular web-comic this week I decided to do something a little different. Everyone’s favorite orange presidential candidate, Donald Trump, wrote a little book back in around 1987 called, The Art of the Deal. My Dad, always the entrepreneur, had a copy of this thing and I recently found it mixed in with my own book collection. At first I was embarrassed to even have it in my apartment, but I thought maybe I could actually make some use of it.

Wouldn’t it be fun, I thought, to rip a couple pages out and see what kind of story I could uncover through the art of erasure. So without further ado, I present you with a bit of erasure poetry I’m calling Drumpf–a name brilliantly given to us by John Oliver.


XformsErasureProject copy

-G.J. Sieck

1134 Sunday Comix: Outer Space Adventure

20 Mar

SkelterCOmic2Pg1 copy SkelterCOmic2Pg2 copy

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Some Art Inspired by Rafael Perez Estrada’s Poem, The Eye

11 Mar

The following images are mixed media pieces inspired by, The Eye, a poem by Rafael Perez Estrada. The text on the pieces are from the poem.

BookArtsMidtermNewSize-3 BookArtsMidtermNewSize-4 BookArtsMidtermNewSize-5 BookArtsMidtermNewSize-6 BookArtsMidtermNewSize-7 BookArtsMidtermNewSize-8

Art by G.J. Sieck

1134 Sunday Comics: Blakbone Continues

6 Mar

BB4PG4 copy

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1134 Sunday Comix: Blakbone

28 Feb

BB4PG3 copy


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More Blakbone – a Sunday Comic

14 Feb

BB4PG2 copy

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