The Green Mount Monster (page 7)

22 Feb

SDMpg8 copy

Check back for more comics and updates!

The Green Mount Monster (page 6)

15 Feb

SDMpg7 copy

New comic, next weekend…

The Green Mount Monster (page 5)

8 Feb

SDMpg6 copy

Stay tuned for updates…


The Green Mount Monster (page 4)

31 Jan


Sunday Comics: another one from the archives

25 Jan

OSA3 copy

Horde of the Unvanquished: Crucified, will return next Sunday!

The Green Mount Monster (page 3)

23 Jan

Check back Sunday for more comics!

Zombie Storybook

21 Jan

Hi guys. The images below are the first few pages of “Within the Heart of Chaos: A Storybook for the Damned”. If you think this book looks cool, or are otherwise interested, please help support 1134 Comix by purchasing a print or digital copy from the link below.

Thanks everybody,

G.J. Sieck


The next print book from 1134 is currently set to drop this coming April…





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