Got a New Tattoo?

19 Jan

Anyone who has ever been tattooed knows that aftercare is a huge part of the process. Nobody wants to sit for hours having the work done, leave with an amazing tattoo, and mess it up through poor aftercare. My friend, Jackie Sabur, from Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery just launched a new site for her Sacred Solutions Skin Care line. All of her ingredients for the skin care / tattoo aftercare products are natural–and, when possible, locally sourced.

Check out the website at this link:

You won’t be disappointed!

1134 Comix Sunday Comic: Blakbone Returns!

13 Dec


Keep checking back for more Blakbone and other web comics!

Blakbone Returns

21 Sep

Check back for more Blakbone and Outer Space Adventure!

Call For Submission: Fiction, Memoir, Poetry

6 Sep

Welter , University of Baltimore’s lit mag, is accepting submissions for Fall 2015 and we look forward to reading your work!

Deadline October 7

Poetry, 3-5 poems

Fiction, Creative non-fiction and Memoir: 3000 words max per piece

How to submit:

Include brief bio, contact information, and the title(s) and genre of the work(s).

Include name and email on every page.

Include the titles of each piece in their submittable title.

Questions? Contact us at

Aqua Farming?

1 Sep

Aside from making goofy web comics, I also think food is pretty important. With that in mind I think food is better when it’s fresh and the closer to home that food is grown the better.

Check out this KickStarter page linked below and maybe help me get a project a off the ground. We are trying to build an Aqua Farm where we will produce fresh, healthy shrimp and eventually fish and produce.

If you’re interested we have a ton more information about Aqua farming through the link.

Outer Space Adventure

18 Aug


More comics to come…

Outer Space Adventure: It’s BerenSTEIN!

11 Aug

Outerspace Adventure Bearenstain

I drew this after reading an article about Berenstein / Berenstain online. I remembered it as STEIN… Google it, or the Mandela Effect if you’re interested. You will find some outlandish, yet entertaining reading.
For the record: I think it is more likely that “stain” is often misremembered as “stein”, than what some of the theories found on the internet propose.


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